We were pointed at two quotes by Bukowski which are very apt for Bach-Bukowski. The first is from a letter Bukowski wrote to Howard Fredrics (Nov. 30, 1991), from the letter collection "Reach for the Sun":
"I always write while listening to classical music and now maybe the music that goes into the poem is coming out again. Strange. Especially since I prefer to keep my writing close to the bone - like Bach."
Howard Fredrics was a music student at the university of Texas and for his graduation he had put some of Bukowski's poems to music of which he had made a tape and had send them to Bukowski. When he wrote this letter Bukowski hadn't heard the music yet.
The secon quote comes from the collection of poems "The Flash of lightning behind the mountain", page 234:
"writing is all I know how to do and
I much prefer the music of great classical
Composers so
I allways listen to them while I'm typing
(and when I finally write a good poem
I'm sure they have much to do with it)."